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How it Works

The LAB distributes monthly rotation orders to both radio and TV members which outline the clients and the spots that a station should run for each. Radio and TV members receive a link to this page to download creatives. To get monthly updates on PEP, all we need is a point of contact to receive communications. Please contact the LAB office at or (225) 267-4522 for more information.

Current PEP Partnerships:

Louisiana Army National Guard:
"Live Here - Serve Here" Media Campaign

The Army National Guard’s “Live Here—Serve Here” marketing campaign includes television and radio commercials that emphasize the Guard’s unique domestic mission. Each spot demonstrates our commitment to community and country, as well as the many opportunities the Guard offers to lead, learn, and gain in-demand job skills—all while serving part-time, close to home. 

TV Spots:
Click here to download the .MOV English or Spanish formats for I Will, Guard Family and Live Here - Serve Here spots. *NEW Spots Available 

Radio Spots:                                                                                 
I Will :60 English WAV, :60 English MP3                                         
I Will :30 English WAV, :30 English MP3
I Will :60 Spanish MP3, :30 Spanish MP3

Guard Lifestyle :60 English WAV, :30 English MP3 
Guard Lifestyle :30 English WAV, :30 English MP3
Guard Lifestyle :60 Spanish MP3, :30 Spanish MP3

Guard Family :60 English MP3, :30 English MP3 *NEW

Live Here - Serve Here :60 English MP3, :30 English MP3 *NEW
Live Here - Serve Here :60 Spanish MP3, :30 Spanish MP3 *NEW


Louisiana Office of Tourism:
"LOT 2018 Stats" Media Campaign

The Louisiana Office of Tourism’s vision is to market and promote the brand of Feed Your Soul showcasing Louisiana as a travel destination, increasing revenue generated by the tourism industry and contributing to the economic impact of tourism in all 64 parishes. 

Radio Spot: 
LOT 2018 Stats :30 English MP3 *NEW


"Think F1rst" Media Campaign

The Think First campaign was originally developed in 2018 for Media of Nebraska. The campaign elements were distributed to Nebraska newspapers, radio and TV stations with a request for them to consider supporting the campaign. In July of 2019, a number of other state broadcast associations and state press associations asked their respective members to consider supporting the campaign in their respective states. The LAB is one of the 16 state broadcasters associations in participation of this campaign.

As an American citizen, you have these five freedoms that are protected by the First Amendment, which was set in stone by America’s forefathers and is housed under the Bill of Rights. They were created to protect your individual rights as a US citizen.

These are your freedoms: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and the Freedom to Petition the Government. The government cannot take these away from you. They are a guarantee that the government is accountable to the people and are critical to the maintenance of democracy.

TV Spots:
Think First :30 English 1 MP4, :30 English 2 MP4

Radio Spots:
Think First :30 English 1 MP3, :30 English 2 MP3, :30 English 3 MP3
Think First, We The People :30 English 1 MP3, :30 English 2 MP3


PEP Report Forms (Optional Use)

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
August 2019 LANG DOC (44 KB) Administration 8/27/2019
August 2019 Think First DOC (44 KB) Administration 8/27/2019
July 2019 LANG DOC (44 KB) Administration 7/25/2019
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